Blogging in Drama

By lesley May 11th, 2010, under Uncategorized

Blogging in drama will deal with all things dramafied that’s located between scintillating covers filled with scorching hot page upon page of exciting stories that we can’t seem to stop talking about. At Pleasure Principles, we love nothing more than a good book that’s loaded with scandalous drama. Books that have us on edge, ready to loose our minds because we’re trying read at the speed of light to get to that next dose of that oh-so-satisfying delicious madness. Lord forbid if it’s a cliffhanger, you may just find us screaming, pulling out our tracks and throwing the book among other things!

In the next coming weeks, Pleasure Principles will discuss the latest and the greatest in books that’s caked with…you guessed it…DRU-RAH-MA!

We know a lot of you are just yearning to talk about that wicked and spectacularly twisted book you may have read recently or maybe not so recently. When it comes to good books and DRAMA, we’re all ears or shall we say eyes. LOL! So…let’s get a cup of coffee, kick up our heels,  sit back and chat to our hearts content about the authors who’s books have left us speechless…until now.